Episode 5 – Mistakes on social media

If you have ever felt ill-equipped to parent your teen in the age of technology this podcast is for you! This is episode #5 where we are going to talk about mistakes teens make online, why they do it andRead more…

Episode 4 – Is Bullying Worse Now Because of Social Media

Is it worse to be bullied by someone on social media compared to the traditional methods? On this episode we talk about cyber bullying compared to traditional bullying, what sets them apart and try to shed light on some ofRead more…

Episode 3 – Where Are Our Kids Hanging Out Online

Did you know that kids see social media differently than we do? Find out what social media platforms look like to your teens, and where they are spending their time online.

Episode 2 – Building relationships with your teen on social media

  Did you know you can find out more about your child and understand them better by embracing their presence on social media?

Episode 1 – Why is social media so important to our kids?

Do you ever wonder why a smartphone is so important to your child? Perhaps you and your child are butting heads over why they are spending so much time on their cell phones… Let’s talk about it.