Hate crime on social media

powerofsm-logoI began writing this as an update to my social media channels when I realized I had a lot to say about it, and that is why it is now a blog post.

Here is the article that I am referring to:
Punish hate crime on social media with internet asbos, say MPs

CPS asked to examine whether prevention orders could be imposed to bar determined perpetrators from sites such as Facebook


I don’t think we should ban people, I think that the users of the communities need to speak up against it, down vote it or block it on their own.

My opinions are just that, mine and they might offend someone, but I don’t want my opinions to be regulated.

I understand that it is easy to spread “hate” on the internet, but it is just as easy for each of us to take steps to clean up our own news feeds and block things that we don’t want to see.

I feel that each individual platform has the right to say what is acceptable for users to post, and if someone posts something that goes against those policies then the platform can take whatever action that they have laid out in their ToS (Terms of service)

The only caveat to that last statement is that I would hope that the platform does a better job than Facebook when it comes to letting you know what you did wrong before they punish you. All too often I hear from people who say that they are in “Facebook Jail” but they have no idea what they did to get there or it was unclear to them how long they were going to have to be restricted.

The Guardian http://bit.ly/1DY1Zqy