About Geeky Girl

Angela Mondor AKA The Geeky Girl

Angela is a professional speaker and member of CAPS, she also known as The Geeky Girl. She has loved technology since she was a young girl, and has spent her career mastering her skills. Angela is also a parent to two amazing adult daughters.

Throughout the years Angela has found herself working with children and youth in a variety of positions, both paid and volunteer. This second passion has led her here, speaking with students. Her passion for technology along with her desire to support children and youth to become upstanders rather than bystanders using technology makes her a perfect fit to speak with your students. Angela’s approach to online safety is fun and engaging, and her message resonates with the students. She shares her love of technology as she provides choices for students when dealing with the difficult situations that they will inevitably face with their peers online.

Canadian Association for Public Speakers